How We Work: Integration of Sustainability

Pre-sorting of MSW

MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) pre-sorting is a sustainable green project for City Corporation, Pourasabha (Municipality), Union Parishad, or any other organization. WTBDL pre-sorts the MSW according to its physical components such as plastic waste, organic waste, non-disposable solid wastes, and miscellaneous. This segregation process is done automatically with our green technology. After pre-sorting, screening, and washing, the scrap products are sold to its concerned industry.

Waste Plastic to Diesel, LPG and Aviation Fuel

Segregated plastic components are run through an automatic machine by a hopper. After that, these are melted in the machine. Through a condensation process, the waste plastics are converted to Low Sulfur Diesel, LPG & Aviation Fuel.

Organic Waste to Biogas

Segregated organic wastes directly lane through the hopper and later in the digester. The components from the digester are delivered to two separate storages. The gaseous components go to the Biogas storage and liquid components go to the digestate storage. Produced biogas is converted into CNG by several refining and electricity by using high-quality generators.

Organic Waste to Fertilizer

Liquid components stored in the digestate storage are converted to organic fertilizer using an automatic dehydrator.