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Solid Waste Management

• Waste Collection & Volume Reduction
• Municipal Solid Waste to Fuel, Gas & Fertilizer
• Construction Waste Management
• E-Waste Management
• Medical Waste Management
• Nuclear Waste Management

Fuel & Gas to Electricity Production

One of the principal missions of WTBDL is the conversion of municipal solid waste to high-quality fuel, gas & fertilizer. The technology includes the conversion of waste plastics to Low Sulfur Diesel, Jet Fuel, LPG and organic solid waste to Bio-Gas, Organic Compost Fertilizers. The way of conversion of solid waste into resources by WTBDL is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Landfill Management

WTBDL is providing consultancy regarding energy, environment and landfill management. By proper landfill management, WTBDL is reducing the volume of waste & saving space in the landfill while generating clean, renewable energy (RE) and thereby reducing extended stress on present disposal sites. WTBDL’s landfill management procedures include the separation of those elements by the following processes:
• Segregation of MSW from Dumpsite
• Separating Waste Plastic, for Fuel Production
• Removing Scrap Metals by Screening and further reuse/process
• Collecting the residue/substantial dump for compost upgrading

Consultancy on Green Environment

WTBDL is engaged in providing consulting services and contract research on the green environmental and life sciences for an extended period. Our vision is to build a prosperous society, focusing on environmental and economic activities, and a commitment to build a safe and healthy environment for all of us. WTBDL is providing consultancy regarding energy, environment and landfill management.

Research and Development

Dr. Sarker is the inventor of the technology and products. Under the direction of Dr. Sarker, he and his research team are involved in environmental and life sciences contract research. Dr. Sarker has developed a unique method to convert plastic into high-quality fuel. The mission of the research is to create a sustainable community, focusing on environmental and economic initiatives, and committing ourselves to create a secure and healthy environment for all.

Manufacturing Turnkey MSW Plants & Machinery

• Design-Build-Operate-Transfer (D-B-O-T)
• Design-Build-Own-operate-Transfer (D-B-O-O-T)